You are told by us about Tuition Fee and Repair Loans

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You are told by us about Tuition Fee and Repair Loans

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You are told by us about Tuition Fee and Repair Loans


  • A Tuition Fee Loan is present to pay for course expenses – if you are taking one out, you don’t need certainly to spend your course expenses upfront
  • A Maintenance Loan is present to greatly help with residing costs
  • It does not make a difference you can still apply for both these loans to support your teacher training if you already have a student loan
  • You can expect to just begin repayments that are making you make on the limit
  • For those who have a student-based loan currently, taking out fully a loan that is further your instructor training will likely not visit your month-to-month repayments enhance

For more information in regards to the other help offered to fund your training, go to the funding my training web page.

To discover more on loans for undergraduate instructor training, go to money mart loan the loans for undergraduate instructor training page.

At length

Tuition Fee Loan

  • Complete price of course costs as high as ?9,250

You won’t have to pay the cost of tuition fees up front when you start your non-salaried teacher training. You can easily submit an application for a Tuition Fee Loan to pay for the complete cost of your program, which can be compensated straight to your training provider from scholar Finance England. Tuition Fee Loans aren’t means tested, therefore irrespective of your household income you need to be in a position to claim the amount that is full your program charges.

Repair Loan

  • Up to ?11,672 Maintenance Loan for residing costs

All qualified students will be eligible for at the very least the loan that is minimum for his or her living expenses, no matter home earnings. This will be ?5,812 if you’re on a full-time teacher training course and live in London. Away from London it will be ?4,168 or ?3,314 if you are living in the home.

You can make use of the pupil loan calculator to calculate Tuition Fee and repair Loans and additional financing that can be available, by way of example moms and dads’ Learning Allowance or Childcare Grants. Take note the calculator is for students planning to train in 2019/20 – you can easily nevertheless make use of this to have an estimate of one’s entitlement for 2020/21. An updated variation will likely be released later on within the 12 months.

Just how to apply

As soon as you’ve accepted your home for a teacher that is non-salaried program, you can easily make an application for a Tuition Fee Loan and a Maintenance Loan via scholar Finance England (SFE).

Loan repayments

Your loan repayments rely on exactly how much you get – perhaps not on exactly how much you have got lent.

  1. If you have no student that is previous and simply simply take one out for the instructor program, you are going to just start repaying as soon as your income exceeds ?25,725.
  2. In the event that you take out a new loan for teacher training if you already have a student loan from 2012 or later and take out a further loan for your teacher training, you’ll only start repaying when your salary exceeds ?25,725 – and your repayments will not increase.
  3. In the event that you took down a education loan before 2012 and/or have a post-graduate loan, you can expect to just begin making repayments if you are making over the pre 2012 payment limit (?18,330) or post-graduate repayment limit (?21,000) – and your repayments will perhaps not increase invest the out a fresh loan for instructor training.

The dining table below programs your month-to-month repayments if you have no past education loan or you have actually that loan applied for from 2012 or later on. When you have a student-based loan from before 2012, your month-to-month repayments will be varied through the below.

Yearly earnings before income income tax Monthly payment
as much as ?25,725 ?0
?27,000 ?9
?30,000 ?32
?35,000 ?69
?40,000 ?107


Tuition charges and any other monetary give you support might get is determined by your status as a property, EU/EEA or student that is overseas. Discover more info on GOV. UK.

Residents of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will have to submit an application for this help via your nation’s student finance human anatomy (Student Finance Wales, scholar Awards Agency Scotland or scholar Finance NI).

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