Our company is perhaps maybe not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

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Our company is perhaps maybe not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

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Our company is perhaps maybe not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

A new girl is turning up popular perception of Vietnamese spouses in Taiwan for just what it really is: irrational prejudice.

“simply how much did you spend getting a Vietnamese spouse? “

It was among a few rude concerns that John Li could not escape as he married Nguyen Thu Hang.

Because of the context of several women from poor Vietnamese families being compensated to be spouses of older guys from Taiwan, Southern Korea and Asia, this real question is maybe understandable, but Hang doesn’t have intention of using it lying down.

She would like to smash the stereotyping that is unfair of females being gold-diggers using the truth associated with the tremendous sacrifices they often alllow for the benefit of these families while the care they offer with their brand brand new families.

She actually is well prepared to get this done because she’s got her very own YouTube channel, HangTV, that she utilizes to good impact to distribute her message.

Nguyen Thu Hang life and works in Taiwan. Photo due to Nguyen Thu Hang

Nguyen Thu Hang married John Li in might after many years of dating. On her behalf YouTube channel, HangTV, the 2 share utilizing the globe videos about learning Vietnamese, cooking special meals together, visiting many famous locations and so forth. The videos have attracted thousands of loves and feedback expressing admiration for their love tale.

In the beginning, the couple put up HangTV only for activity nevertheless when they got great deal of remarks and reactions from people, they discovered their “bigger obligations. “

“Aside from assisting Taiwanese people realize more about Vietnam, i believe our love tale additionally creates a brand new viewpoint on Vietnamese-Taiwan marriages, ” Hang told VnExpress.

“We receive many rude commentary, including ‘How much does it price to obtain A vietnamese spouse? ’ or ‘Vietnamese ladies only want money’. So we are attempting to replace the prejudices etched in individuals minds. “

‘My mom is just a maid’

Hang was at twelfth grade whenever her mom left for Taiwan to get results as being a maid, 14 years back, to be able to make poorly required cash. She worked hard and made it easy for her children research in Taiwan.

Hang went along to Taiwan this year, and her younger sis happens to be doing a Master’s level in Taiwan. The youngest is inside their hometown in Vietnam.

In Hang made a video called “My Mother Is A Maid, ” expressing her gratitude for the sacrifices her mother has made to bring the three daughters up on her own july. The movie attracted a lot more than 100,000 views and a huge selection of feedback on HangTV.

While she ended up being a graduate student in accounting, Hang additionally worked difficult to lessen the burden on her behalf mom.

She had no friends, and her limited language competency hindered communication with locals when she arrived.

Hang did all sorts of work while learning difficult and enhancing her language abilities in Mandarin Chinese. She worked as a waitress, offered lottery tickets, distributed leaflets, interpreted and made tracks for Vietnamese tasks, dubbed Vietnamese for new programs that are immigrant the like.

While this did lessen her mother’s burden, in addition it offered her first hand familiarity with Taiwanese culture and tradition, since also a knowledge for the sufferings of Vietnamese migrants.

Hang hosted a significant Taiwanese occasion final thirty days. Picture thanks to Nguyen Thu Hang

Together with her fluency in Chinese Mandarin she became extremely mixed up in neighborhood association that is vietnamese she became distinguished in town. Gig invitations observed.

After which it simply happened.

Hang and John came across one another on a tv program by which she had been a visitor participant. He had been the director of this show. Unlike the favorite image of Taiwanese men being patriarchs, John “conquered” her with sincerity and kindness.

Hang and John in a video clip on HangTV Youtube channel.

Their relationship had been supported by their own families. John’s moms and dads had been excited on learning that his son was at love by having a girl that is vietnamese in addition they made her feel extremely welcome.

“we keep in mind one time whenever we sought out and John had to drop by their household to have their coating. Whenever their mom knew we as coming, she hurried up to dress and put her makeup on to welcome me personally, ” Hang said, including that which was the first occasion she visited your house of her spouse become.

Men do the housework

John’s mother’s affection and caring just doubled whenever Hang became her child in legislation. Hang said that despite managing John’s moms and dads, she’s got never sensed like she had been “a daughter-in-law in almost any method. “

“My parents-in-law ensure that we’ve our privacy. John’s daddy is really a man that is quiet so he loves to spending some time with this two dogs and does housework. My father-in-law handles cooking and washing.

“My mother-in-law takes care of lighter things. She actually is additionally really active, so she goes towards the gymnasium, hiking with buddies. “

Entirely contrary to popular perception, in Taiwan, males do lots of housework with regards to spouses and females have vocals and place within the household and culture, Hang said.

She stated there was clearly onetime John decided to go to Vietnam to go to her, in which he took the laundry towards the sink to scrub them following a meal and angered Hang’s grandmother whom stated “this isn’t a man’s task. ” For John, searching for food, cooking, cleansing and other tasks that are domestic entirely hot brazilian wife normal.

John normally a big rock hang leans on for her work. They share a passion that is special movie recording and put up the HangTV YouTube channel in October 2016 to offer her pupils at a center where she shows more possibilities to apply Vietnamese.

“We weren’t experienced in the beginning us more than two weeks to set up and shoot a video so it would take. There have been days after my classes finished at 10 p.m., i might nevertheless head to my husband’s workplace and work on a video clip until 2-3 a.m.

“As soon as we become better at it, we divided the job making sure that after shooting my hubby is the someone to set the video up while i might review it and compose subtitles. “

From quick videos about her individual life and Vietnamese training, Hang and John have actually expanded their content to incorporate other areas of the Vietnamese community, and introduced many landscapes and social options that come with Vietnam and Taiwan.

Their child that is”mental has significantly more than 33,000 supporters.

Multicultural benefit

“The most of Vietnamese in Taiwan, particularly ladies, focus on an improved life, ” said Hang.

“Vietnamese pupils in Taiwan research while working, though it is difficult, and their scholastic email address details are impressive. Vietnamese employees sign up for weekend language classes and join general public tasks. “

She stated that the community that is vietnamese Taiwan was increasingly gaining respect, despite naysayers and discrimination, particularly against Vietnamese ladies who marry locals.

These are typically called gold-diggers whom “use international husbands being a life changer, ” consenting to go out of their homeland and get married with older foreign guys because of poverty.

“Since my arrival in Taiwan, we have actually had the chance to satisfy lots of women who possess attempted to be great individuals despite being labeled gold diggers.

“They work difficult and you will need to assert by themselves, they take care of both their loved ones right right right here and their own families in Vietnam, and many individuals don’t see just what they’ve had to lose. “

Being fully A vietnamese spouse to a Taiwanese guy who has got faced some societal flak, Hang has additionally dedicated her videos to create a younger, objective and available viewpoint in the life of Vietnamese residents in Taiwan, especially Vietnamese females.

Hang along with her pupils in A vietnamese class hold a hi Vietnam Magazine that has her in the address. Photo due to Nguyen Thu Hang

“with regards to Vietnamese-Taiwanese marriages, folks have various views. Nevertheless now, individuals who have both Vietnamese and blood that is taiwanese explained that after viewing my videos, they will have a significantly better comprehension of their Vietnamese homeland.

“They’ve also overcome prejudices and start to become more confident about stating that they show up from the multicultural household. They even look at this a energy and advantage. “

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