The way I Choose Up Asian Girls For an income By Manipulating the Media

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The way I Choose Up Asian Girls For an income By Manipulating the Media

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The way I Choose Up Asian Girls For an income By Manipulating the Media

Editor’s Note: The viewpoints and viewpoints expressed in this specific article are the ones for the writer and don’t fundamentally mirror the viewpoints or viewpoints of NextShark.

I am David Bond, and I also earn a living approaching Asian ladies on youtube and travel that is selling online. Within the previous couple of years I’ve successfully tricked, trolled and pranked the news in Asia into offering me enourmous amount of free traffic.

I’ve been on televised Eastern news over 35 times while having been the main topic of debate in a lot of areas of Asia for the previous couple of years over my YouTube channel and my travel guides.

Just Exactly Just How It All Began

In 2014 a video was had by me that happened in Hong Kong get viral. It absolutely was a video clip where a buddy of mine did actually steal A chinese guy’s girlfriend from him. The video topped away at 3.5 million views making the news headlines in Hong Kong for around two months. The facts had been the man wasn’t not just her boyfriend but had been a random man whom simply began speaking with her.

All this attention in the beginning ended up being extremely scary. A large number of people were accusing me personally to be this guy that is bad and my effect would be to try to set the storyline directly. There clearly was a great deal racial debate swirling across the video clip, that was predicated on lies about me personally and exactly just what took place.

After numerous inquiries, we finally agreed to short interviews with Hong Kong news outlets. From the responding to their concerns, attempting to provide long and answers that are detailed the facts and exactly why the debate had been entirely according to false presumptions created by the watchers.

Several media outlets seemed frustrated throughout the story that is real so resorted to asking me personally individual questions regarding my sex-life. Sooner or later used to do respond to a few of them genuinely. We later on seemed within the coverage of my meeting and noticed none of this truthful responses We invested therefore enough time offering them had been showcased, but alternatively they highlighted ab muscles brief answers of mine which were intimate in the wild.

Essentially the news outlets had no fascination with just exactly exactly what actually took place as the truth failed to fit the nationwide narrative — which can be that foreigners are intimate deviants, or that foreign influence isn’t beneficial to the united states.

We realized that while each of my efforts to explain the story that is real to justify myself had been entirely ignored, anything I’d say or reveal that fit the narrative would immediately inflatable.

Drunk and bored stiff one evening, I messaged one of many news outlets on Twitter to inform them I experienced another movie from Hong Kong that involved various girls.

60 minutes later on my “lie” was placed into an article that is front-page.

With this right time I’d spend digital assistants to convert articles about me personally. We noticed comparable terms in the news headlines and eventually identified just what words in Chinese were used to spell it out me personally. I’d Bing those terms and discovered other articles about foreigners being “bad boys” that have been written well before me.

Many of these tales had been therefore innocent it absolutely was nearly confusing why these people were newsworthy.

We noticed I produced finding, and I also had a basic concept on how best to trigger this attention on need.

We tested my concept, and it also worked.

We launched my very first internet site, which was a webpage where individuals will have to spend $17 to obtain usage of videos We uploaded of me personally traveling, on times, or exploring various nations. Every one of the videos had been innocent: as an example, a video that is 45-minute of riding a motorbike in Vietnam or a video clip of me personally and my gf in Japan taking a look at temples.

When I told the news outlets that covered me that I established a webpage with videos from Hong Kong.

When I paid lots of digital assistants to lie and content the news outlets in Chinese that my site included sexual videos.

It worked, and within times 1000s of dollars had been being dumped into my banking account by Chinese guys who thought the Hong Kong media — whom by the method did positively zero fact-checking.

I became literally switching lies into revenue.

Remember, the web site would not point out claim or sexuality to host such a thing intimate at all. We straight wasn’t lying to anyone or anyone that is scamming. It is perhaps perhaps not such as the web site stated, “Pay for intimate videos” or any such thing. It merely stated, “Check out a lot more of my travel videos. ”

Along with that I had no shame over this because theoretically my reputation had been totally damaged online by Asian news outlets. For instance, if CNN did a tale I could sue for defamation — but these scumbag Asian outlets had no problem completely lying about who I am, what I do, or what I think about me being a rapist with absolutely no evidence. The chance to have another fancy “foreigners are bad” tale ended up being too good to allow facts or truth block the way regarding the attention.

Even today my jaw nevertheless drops throughout the factual claims made about me personally with zero proof. One news that is korean also stated I show guys to scream “Pikachu” at ladies and therefore we offer porn.

Simple tips to Score Asian Media Coverage

Into the previous two years, after a large number of translations and research of Asian-based news outlets, I’ve developed an attention trigger system which allows me personally to basically troll the Eastern news for traffic.

So basically i’ve identified which Asian nations have cultural narrative that involves foreigner fear and discovered a method to exploit it on interest in revenue.

In several elements of Asia there’s a social narrative that states foreigners and international impact is bad, and so something that generally seems to reinforce that concept is definitely an simple tale for Eastern-based news outlets. To create an analogy that folks might comprehend, in liberal areas of the United States there’s a narrative that is cultural weapon laws and regulations must certanly be more strict, therefore any tale of weapon physical physical violence is instantly placed throughout the news — whereas an account of weapons getting used to quit criminal activity never result in the news. The concept is the fact that news runs on people’s attention, and something that re-enforces the existing values of those is a fast and effortless method to get attention.

In a real method, i’ve come up with a method to convert racism, lies, and hate into cash.

Here’s an illustration me personally trolling my means in to a mag.

We paid two digital assistants to content Face mag which they had a “David Bond Sighting” in Hong Kong, and right after they asked me personally if I became. Then I pretended become surprised I happened to be in Hong Kong (I happened to be actually within my mom’s house in Fresno, what is farmers only com Ca. Which they knew)

We asked my gf during the right time for you to be in her panties and pretend to pull my jeans down. We uploaded the video clip and told Face mag that I became by having a Hong Kong woman and ended up being too busy to talk. Understanding the formula we knew this will work. It had most of the right elements: foreigner seducing regional girls, tips at a video that is sexual etc. Per week later on somebody delivered me personally a photograph associated with the page that is front of mag plus it possessed a screenshot through the video clip we recorded.

My gf and I also laughed our minds down since the Paypal notifications rolled in from most of the traffic my YouTube channel and internet site had gotten from my trolling.

During this period to help keep my story alive i’d usage fake facebook records acting as young asian girls who stated to knew me personally in true to life. Having read a lot of ‘foreigners are bad’ stories we knew precisely the style of content they we’re excited to inflate. I’d go to “leak” pictures of myself in addition to brief tales about myself – anything that will make me appear as some intimate predator utilizing the capacity to sleep local girls would instantly get viral and keep sales going.

I’d ask my gf in the US to put on certainly one of her Japanese college woman clothes, then leak an image of me personally by having a girl” that is“japanese Japan. I’d pretend to be a lady and “leak” pictures of me personally at groups with girls. I’d drip photos of me personally with girls I used up to now from years back, and claim these were in whatever nation We had been trolling that week.

In the event that you view the David Bond Information Coverage Compilation v 1.0 movie you can view the pictures they reveal, the majority of them had been released by me personally, however the news reports it as “an anonymous supply”

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